Applied Metacognition

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November 2002



Up-to-date overview of relation between theories in metacognition and their real-world application.


Introduction; 1. Toward an applied metacognition Bennett L. Schwartz and Timothy J. Perfect; Part I. Metacognition in Learning and Education: 2. The relation between metacognitive monitoring and control Lisa K. Son and Bennett L. Schwartz; 3. Metacognition for text: findings and implications for education Ruth H. Maki and Michael J. McGuire; 4. Influence of practice tests on the accuracy of predicting memory performance for paired associates, sentences, and text material John Dunlosky, Katherine Rawson and Susan L. McDonald; Part II. Metacognition in Everyday Memory: 5. When does eyewitness confidence predict performance? Timothy J. Perfect; 6. Autobiographical memories and beliefs: a preliminary metacognitive model Giuliana Mazzoni and Irving Kirsch; 7. Students' experiences of unconscious plagiarism: did I beget or forget? Marie Carroll and Timothy J. Perfect; Part III. Metacognition in Different Populations: 8. Metacognition in older adults: implications for application Christopher Hertzog; 9. Sense and sensitivity: metacognition in Alzheimer's disease Chris Moulin; 10. The development of metacognitive knowledge in children and adolescents Wolfgang Schneider and Kathrin Lockl; Conclusions; 11. Metacognition research: an interim report Asher Koriat.


Tim Perfect is Professor of Psychology at the University of Plymouth Bennett Schwartz is Professor of Psychology at Florida International University, Miami.

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