Mental Conflict

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November 1994



As earthquakes expose geological faults, so mental conflict reveals tendencies to rupture within the mind. Dissension is rife not only between people but also within them, for each of us is subject to a contrariety of desires, beliefs, motivations, aspirations. What image are we to form of ourselves that might best enable us to accept the reality of discord, or achieve the ideal of harmony?Greek philosophers offer us a variety of pictures and structures intended to capture the actual and the possible either within a reason that fails to be resolute, or within a split soul that houses a play of forces. Reflection upon them alerts us to the elusiveness at once of mental reality, and of the understanding by which we hope to capture and transform it. Studying in turn the treatments of Mental Conflict in Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the Stoics, A.W. Price demonstrates how the arguments of the Greeks are still relevant to philosophical discussion today.


Preface Hors-d'Oeuvre Introduction 1. Socrates Socrates and diotima: An Appendix 2. Plato 3. Aristotle 4. The Stoics Between Plato and the Stoics: Appendix on Posidonius Notes Primary Sources Notes on Translations Secondary Citations Index Locorum General Index


"A profound and sustained exploration of the theories of mind devised by Greek philosophers to account for psychological conflict."
-Malcolm Schofield
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