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This study guide to accompany Krugman's Microeconomics is carefully designed to ensure the student gains the most from the parent text. It contains a wealth of features to support learning and comprehension, and is closely mapped to the main book.


NB. Mapped to book chapters: Part 1: What Is Economics? The Ordinary Business of Life; First Principles; Economic Models: Tradeoffs and Trade; Appendix: Graphs in Economics; Part 2: Supply And Demand; Supply and Demand; The Market Strikes Back; Elasticity; Part 3: Individuals And Markets; Consumer and Producer Surplus; Making Decisions; Part 4: The Producer; Behind the Supply Curve: Inputs and Costs; Perfect Competition and the Supply Curve; Part 5: The Consumer; The Rational Consumer; Consumer Preferences and Consumer Choice; Part 6: Markets And Efficiency; Factor Markets and the Distribution of Income; Appendix: Indifference Curve Analysis of Labor Supply; The Efficiency of a Market Economy; Part 7: Market Structure Beyond Perfect Competition; Monopoly; Oligopoly; Monopolistic Competition and Product Differentiation; Part 8: Extending Market Boundries; International Trade; Uncertainty, Risk, and the Economics of Information; Part 9: Microeconomics And Public Policy; Externalities; Public Goods and Common Resources; Taxes, Social Insurance, and Income Distribution


Paul Krugman is Professor of Economics at Princeton University, USA, where he regularly teaches the principles course. Prior to his current position he taught at Yale, Stanford and MIT. He also spent a year on the staff of the Council of Economics Advisors in 1982-83. His research is mainly in the area of international trade, where he is one of the founders of the 'new trade theory' with its focus on increasing returns and imperfect competition. He also works in international finance, with a concentration in currency crises. In 1991, Krugman received the American Economic Association's John Bates Clark medal. In addition to his teaching and academic research, Krugman writes extensively for non-technical audiences and is a regular op-ed columnist for the New York Times. His book The Great Unravelling: Losing Our Way in the New Century went straight to the top of the Amazon.com bestseller list, while his earlier publications, Peddling Prosperity and The Age of Diminished Expectations have become modern classics. Robin Wells is Researcher in Economics at Princeton University, USA, where she teaches undergraduate courses. She has previously taught at the University of Michigan, the University of Southampton, Stanford and MIT. Her teaching and research focus on the theory of organizations and incentives. She writes regularly for academic journals.

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