Scripts: Librettos for Operas and Other Musical Works

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November 2000



James Reaney is one of Canada's favourite poets and playwrights; at the intersection of his dramatic and poetic talents is "Scripts," a collection of musical writings. There are nine complete works here, including the chamber opera "Night-blooming Cereus," the poetry/music collage (and Governor General's Award winner) "Twelve Letters to a Small Town," the "Canada Dot, Canada Dash" trilogy and operas "Shivaree," "Taptoo!" and "Serinette." Many of these pieces have been published individually, but none are in print, and they have never been amassed.


James Reaney is one of Canada's finest poets and dramatists. He is the three time winner of the Governor General's Award and the author of numerous plays and poetry collections including: The Donnellys (Beach Holme, 1983), Wacousta, The Dismissal, Bees, Selected Longer Poems (Beach Holme, 1976), Selected Shorter Poems (Beach Holme, 1975), Colours in the Dark and many others. He lives in London, Ontario, an area frequently featured in his writing.

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