Ecotourism: A Sustainable Option?

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Ecotourism A Sustainable Option? Edited by Erlet Cater University of Reading, UK and Gwen Lowman Royal Geographical Society, UK Recent years have witnessed growing public and professional concern with environmental issues, including the fields of tourism and leisure. The adverse impacts of conventional mass tourism have led to demands for more environmentally sensitive approaches to tourist and leisure development. Increasing environmental awareness has also led to a rise in travel to destinations offering a wealth of unspoiled nature. These trends, broadly defined as "ecotourism," have produced one of the fastest growing and most hotly debated sectors in the tourism industry. This well-balanced and wide-ranging book provides the first overview of this key area, providing definitions, theoretical perspectives and detailed case studies, contributed by researchers, professionals and activists. This is an essential introduction to a dynamic and central topic in contemporary tourism.


Partial table of contents: ISSUES AND INTERESTS. Societal Change and the Growth in Alternative Tourism (R. Prosser). Environmentally Responsible Marketing of Tourism (P. Wight). Tourism: Environmental Relevance (R. Sisman). Ecotourism in the Third World--Problems and Prospects for Sustainability (E. Cater). DESTINATION CASE STUDIES. Tourism and a European Strategy for the Alpine Environment (S. Khan). Ecotourism in Eastern Europe (D. Hall & V. Kinnaird). Ecotourism in the Caribbean Basin (D. Weaver). The Annapurna Conservation Area Project: A Pioneering Example of Sustainable Tourism? (C. Gurung & M. De Coursey). Ecotourism in Antarctica (B. Stonehouse). Index.
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