Storymaking in Education and Therapy

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This book contains myths and tales from all over the world which are grouped around seven themes. The authors suggest ways in which these myths and tales can be used to develop our imagination's unique voice through educational and therapeutic encounter, and how this expression can be communicated to others who are engaged in the same task.


1. Introduction.
2. On myths, tales and storytelling. PART
3. BEGINNINGS. Mantis and the flower. The shared myth of the one that became two. Creation. Maheo. The sacrifice to make the sun. The separation of God from Man.
4. PASSAGES. How Man was made again. The maiden wiser than the Tsar. The serpent slayer. The knowledge of birds. The wooden head. Beauty and the beast.
5. KNOTS. A Storm coming. How different people came to earth. Maui muri catches the sun. The spirit who could not make up its mind. Why Imboto is alone in heaven. The story bag.
6. THE TREE. The three eggs. Willow wife. Coyote steals fire. Trees. The spirit in the tree. The return of the flowers.
7. TRICKSTER. The caterpillar and the wild animals. The harvest. Hermes and Apollo. Fox and Wolf. Trickster tales 15 & 16. Loki and Baldur.
8. HEALING. The healing waters. How the hummingbird got its colour. Grandmother spider. The maiden with the wooden bowl. Lo-Sun the blind boy. Ulu and the breadfruit tree.
9. RETURN. The monkey's jump. The lady of Stavoren. The ending of the dream. Maui and death. Persephone's return. How Raven came to leave the earth. PART
3: Notes for facilitators.
10. On mythmaking structures.
11. Ways of making images. Bibliography. Index.


Alida Gersie is a London-based dramatherapist and organizational consultant. Her work with deprived individuals and communities inspired her to develop a story-based method that facilitates productive change in seemingly hopeless situations. For several decades she was Principal Lecturer in the Postgraduate Arts Therapies Department of the University of Hertfordshire. She has taught the story-based approach to planned change in many countries, and has authored and edited several books, including Reflections on Therapeutic Storymaking: The Uses of Stories in Groups, Dramatic Approaches to Brief Therapy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dramatherapy, Storymaking in Bereavement: Dragons Fight in the Meadow and Storymaking in Education and Therapy, and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
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