Music Therapy in Context

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By drawing extensively from current literature on music and developmental psychology, music therapy, psychotherapy and music theory, this book encourages music therapists not to compromise the musical process at the heart of their practice, but to use these with authority - the authority that this book seeks to provide.


Preface, Colwyn Trevarthen. Introduction.
1. Creating Meaning. PART ONE
2. Music, Meaning and Music Therapy: A View from Music Theory.
3. Music Therapy and Universals: Between Culture and Compromise.
4. With Rigour and Imagination: Music Therapy and Music Psychology.
5. Perception, Cognition, Improvisation: A View from Music Therapy.
6. In Concert: Improvisation, Cognition and Music Therapy. PART TWO
7. Meaning in Relationship: The Music Between.
8. Songs Without Words: Music in Communication.
9. Music in Dynamic Form and Dynamic Form in Music. PART THREE
10. Meaning in Relationship: A View from Psychodynamic Theory.
11. Playing with Winnicott's Reality.
12. Psychodynamic Meaning in Music Therapy.
13. Why Do We Become Therapists? Italian translation rights sold '...throughout her book, the author presents interesting ideas which should be stimulating and useful to music therapists.' - Counselling


Mercedes Pavlicevic is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she draws inspiration from a music therapy practice that covers a wide social and cultural spectrum. She spends part of each academic year at the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre in London, UK, where she is an Academic Supervisor and Researcher.
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