Mammals as Pests

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Juni 1989



Part of the aim of this book is to re-evaluate the true pest status of many common species traditionally regarded as pests. It is based on a revised selection of papers presented at a symposium organized by the Mammal Society in London, November 1987.


Mammals as pests, R.J.Putman; the pest status of rodents in the UK, C.G.J.Richards; ecological aspects of damage to sugar beet seeds by apodemus sylvaticus, H.J.Pelz; Fossorial voles - problems and research, A.Meylan; prevalence of pneumocystis Carinni and Leptospiraicterohaemorrhagiae in Danish rodents, J.Loda and M.Lund; progress in rodent control and strategies for the future, A.B.Lazarus; moles as pests, R.D.Stone; repelling moles, M.L.Gorman and R.D.Stone; the control of red and silka deer populations in commercial forests, P.R.Ratcliffe; deer and habitat relations in managed forests, M.J.Hannan and J.Whelan; impact of red and roe deer on Scottish woodlands, B.W.Staines and D.Welch; demographic implications for the control of grey squirrels, J.Gurnell; bark-stripping by grey squirrels in Britain and North America - why does the damage differ, R.E.Kenward; demographic consequences of differences in ranging behaviour of male and female copyus, L.M.Gosling and S.J.Baker; rabbits as pests in winter wheat, M.J.Crawley; rabbit ranging behaviour and its implications for the management of rabbit populations, A.R.Hardy et al; population dynamics of parasites of the wild rabbit, B.Boag; badger damage - fact or fiction?, R.G.Symes; badgers as pests in English vineyards, T.J.Roper et al; the control of rabies in urban fox populations, G.C.Smith and S.Harris; the mink menace? a reappraisal, N.Dunstone and M.Ireland; economic damage by feral American mink in England and Wales, M.D.K.Harrision and R.G.Symes; British seals - vermin or scapegoats?, S.S.Anderson et al; feral cats - management of urban populations and pest problems in neutering, P.N.Neville.


..the book will be a useful addition to any ... ecological library. Journal of Applied Ecology; (Translated from the German): ..The book is an important step in the differing methods for examining pests and can be recommended to all readers. Above all it belongs in the hands of all experts who deal with cases of destruction by pests and those who put forward new laws and conditions. Zeitschrift fur Saugetierkunde
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