Help! I'm in Love with a Narcissist

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Januar 2005



Bestselling relationship gurus Carter and Sokol ("Men Who Can't Love" and "What Smart Women Know") enlighten readers about trying to love someone who can only love himself.


Narcissism -- the Relationship Issue of Our Times; The "It's-All-About-Me" Personality; Narcissism -- or Old-Fashioned Selfishness?; You Expect Me to Compromise?; I'm God/I'm Garbage; Why Are Narcissists so Needy?; The Stories They Tell; All My Great Loves Have Been Selfish; Why is it so Easy for me to Love a Narcissist?; This is About You; How They Win Us Over; Still Trying to Make it Work; Narcissistic and Commitmentphobic; It's All Over; Don't Let it Happen Again!; Are You Staying or Leaving?


Steven Carter lives in Los Angles, California. Julia Sokol lives in Bristol, Rhode Island.

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