West Nordic Standardisation and Variation

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Dezember 2003



The focus of this book is on the West Nordic linguistic area: Norway, the Faroes and Iceland, at different stages in their history. In the Middle Ages these countries were the home of the Old Norse literary language in which the Icelandic sagas were written, and for a while Greenland and the Scottish Isles were included in the domain. This cultural union collapsed around 1400. The articles are based on lectures given at a symposium in Stockholm on October 7th 2001, supported by a generous grant from the Vera och Greta Oldbergs stiftelse. Scholars from Iceland, the Faroes, Sweden, Norway, Germany and England discussed standardisation and variation from a general perspective and described in some detail aspects of the linguistic situation in the West Nordic area, from the Viking age to the present time.


by Kristjan Arnason

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