Three-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy

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August 2004



Three-dimensional x-ray diffraction (3DXRD) microscopy is a novel experimental method for structural characterisation of polycrystalline materials. The position, morphology, phase, strain and crystallographic orientation of hundreds of grains or sub-grain embedded within mm-cm thick specimens can be determined simultaneously. Furthermore, the dynamics of the individual structural elements can be monitored during typical processes such as deformation or annealing. The book gives a comprehensive account of the methodology followed by a summary of selected applications. The method is presented from a mathematical/crystallographic point-of-view but with sufficient hands-on details to enable the reader to plan his or her own experiments. The scope of applications includes work in materials science and engineering, geophysics, geology, chemistry and pharmaceutical science.


Methods for Meso-scale Structural Characterization.
Geometric Principles.
GRAINDEX and Related Analysis.
Orientation Mapping.
Combining 3DXRD and Absorption Contrast Tomography.
Multi-grain Crystallography.
The 3DXRD Microscope.
Alternative Approaches.
Concluding Remarks.



From the reviews:
"The aim of this book is to give a comprehensive account of 3DXRD microscopy, with a focus both on methodology and on applications. ... the book may serve to stimulate research in other fields also, such as geophysics, geology, chemistry, and pharmaceutical science. In short, the book is a very sound and gainful enterprise with good focus ... which is a welcome feature. Scientists working in the field will have cause to be elated at the prospect of acquiring and referring to the volume." (Current Engineering Practice, Vol. 47 (3), 2004-2005)
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