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August 2004



Multidisciplinary and trans-cultural ...

This book provides an up-to-date review of the current state of care, treatment and prevention in child and adolescent mental health from multidisciplinary and trans-cultural perspectives. Systems of care, services and interventions in selected parts of the world are described by leading experts with a focus on

the current status of services in the respective parts of the world

the major needs and deficits in identifying mental health problems in children and adolescents (awareness and diagnosis)

the major needs in treatment, care and prevention

realistic proposals on how to improve the situation of children and adolescents who suffer from, or are at risk for, mental health problems.

In addition, the major principles and strategies of treatment and intervention are described, on an empirical basis, using a selected number of treatment approaches and treatment settings as examples.

Finally, the possibilities, strategies and limitations of early detection and prevention are reviewed with the aim of improving the living conditions of children and families in need of mental health support.

... a valuable resource for mental health workers all over the world!


I Systems of care and services: A global perspective: Epidemiology as a basis for the conception and planning of services.- Systems of care. A global perspective.- Systems of care in Europe.- Systems of care in North America.- Systems of care in South America.- Systems of care in Australia.- Systems of care in Asia.- Systems of care in Africa.- Providing care in difficult circumstances. II Principles and strategies of treatment/intervention: Principles, strategies and limitations of empirically based interventions.- What works for whom? Differential indications for treatment/intervention.- Individual psychotherapies.- Family therapy/counselling.- Innovative interventions in the community.- Medication.- Outcomes of treatment. III Prevention and early detection: Principles, strategies and limitations of preventive approaches.- Prevention of risks for mental health problems.- Prevention and early detection in developmental disorders.- Prevention and early detection in emotional Disorders.- Prevention and early detection in conduct disorders/delinquency.- Prevention and early detection in ADHD.- Prevention and intervention in primary care settings.- Prevention and intervention in school settings.


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