Interfacing with C

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Previous Edition: 0 7506 2228 8, published 19/06/95This book is about interfacing personal computers using C. Anyone who is interested in ports, transducer interfacing, analog to digital conversion, convolution, filters or digital/analog conversion will benefit from reading Interfacing with C. Students will also find this a practical introduction to real-time programming with a generous collection of tried and tested programs. The pace of the book is such that the reader is encouraged to run the programs and experiment with C. The principles precede the applications in most cases in an attempt to provide genuine understanding and encourage further development. Readers will gain much from the hands-on experience the authors' approach provides, an approach designed to enable readers to climb steep learning curves with the minimum amount of assistance. The many programs included in the text provide the essential hands-on experience. Some of the programs inevitably become rather lengthy, so the source code used is available as a free download from the Newnes website. The aim of the book, however, is to give the reader enough confidence to rewrite and improve these programs. In the second edition Mike James has thoroughly updated all aspects relating to software, operating systems and graphical interfaces. He has also increased the scope of the book to include current forms of C++. Material on data acquisition has been thoroughly updated and the section on peripherals increased. A disk containing the source code for the listings in the book is available from 'Electronics World' magazine, tel. 020 8722 6054. A practical and painless way of becoming an expert CprogrammerNew edition also covers C++ and the Windows environmentGet up to speed with the essential maths needed for C without having to buy a university maths text!


Preface; An introduction to C; Loops and data conversion; Data acquisition using C; Essential mathematics; Convolution; Digital filters; Fourier transforms; Correlation; Kalman filters; Data conversion; Investigating the spectral and time-domain performance of z-transforms using computer-managed instruction; Introducing audio signal processing using C; Standard programming structures; Appendix 1; Appendix 2: listings of programs described in Chapter 11; Appendix 3: listings of programs described in Chapter 12; Glossary; Index
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