Analog and Digital Filter Design

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Completely revised and updated to include information on both digital and analog filter design, this guide provides electronic simulation tools and keeps mathematics to a minimum. It is a practical design guide to both analog and digital electronic filters.


Introduction; Time And Frequency Response; Poles and Zeroes; Analog Lowpass Filters; Highpass Filters; Bandpass Filters; Bandstop Filters; Impedance Matching Networks; Phase Shift Networks (All-Pass Filters); Selecting Components for Analog Filters; Filter Design Software; Transmission Lines and Printed Circuit Boards as Filters; Filters For Phase Locked Loops; Filter Integrated Circuits; Introduction to Digital Filters; Digital 'Fir' Filter Design; IIR Filter Design; Design Equations


Steve Winder specializes in designing circuits for telecommunications applications, but has experience in a number of fields. As the current European Applications Engineer for Supertex Inc. Steve works alongside design engineers throughout Europe to design circuits using components made by Supertex, a U.S. based manufacturer of high voltage MOSFETs, CMOS integrated circuits and ASICs. Prior to joining Supertex, Steve was for many years a team leader for a group of analogue and digital design engineers at British Telecom's research and development laboratories, now known as Adastral Park, based near Ipswich, UK. Here, Steve applied his analytical skills to many technical areas but specialized in wideband analogue and digital transmission systems using copper pairs and optical fibre. In this role, Steve's strength was in radio frequency design, low-power design, low-noise design and systems engineering.


...an aid to practical filter design by engineers. -Microwave Journal, 2003
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