Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics

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November 2004



Visual Quantum Mechanics is a systematic effort to investigate and to teach quantum mechanics with the aid of computer-generated animations. Although it is self-contained, this book is part of a two-volume set on Visual Quantum Mechanics. The first book appeared in 2000, and earned the European Academic Software Award in 2001 for oustanding innovation in its field. While topics in book one mainly concerned quantum mechanics in one- and two-dimensions, book two sets out to present three-dimensional systems, the hydrogen atom, particles with spin, and relativistic particles. Together the two volumes constitute a complete course in quantum mechanics that places an emphasis on ideas and concepts, with a fair to moderate amount of mathematical rigor.


Spherical Symmetry.- Coulomb Problem.- Particles with Spin.- Qubits.- Composite Systems.- Quantum Information Theory.- Relativistic Systems in One Dimension.- The Dirac Equation.




From the reviews:
"Each chapter provides an overview and highlights recent advances in its particular area. ... there are several valuable tidbits for potential new uses of existing techniques such as atomic force microscopy. This book will serve as a valuable reference for anyone working with microfluidics or biochip devices ... ." (Jamie Quinton, Australian Physics, Vol. 42 (4), September/October, 2005)
"Advanced visual quantum mechanics is a systematic effort to investigate and to teach quantum mechanics with the aid of computer generated animations. ...Furthermore, in each chapter, within the text the reader can find about 20-30 exercises - without solutions, but most of them rather straightforward to solve. ... Advanced visual quantum mechanics can be recommended as an excellent textbook ... ." (H. Hogreve, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2006 g)
"I insist that this book is much more than a gallery of animated illustrations: the author tried and succeeded in presenting quantum theory in a completely original way. ... this book would be one of the best introductions ever written about quantum mechanics. No need to conclude that this book is a must even for the undergraduate student. Teachers will appreciate to renew the presentation of their courses." (André Hautot, Physicalia, Vol. 28 (4-6), 2006)
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