Rapid Value Management for the Business Cost of Ownership: Readiness, Architecture, Process, Integration, Deployment

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Helps managers work with tech workers and their customers to make a well-substantiated argument for IT service investments. This book presents an overview of the "why" behind technology investment for any organization, and combines this with detailed real-world solutions that maximize BCO efficiency. It provides detailed technical architectures.


Taking a Razor to Information Technology IIT); On the Classification of IT Components; Using RAPID to Identify Relationship Between Architecture and Process; Readiness: Solution Strategy; Architecture: Foundation Services; Process: Best Practices; Integration: Coherent Infrastructure; Deployment: Questioning Change and Decision Making; Business Cost of Ownership; Shaping RAPD IT Solutions; RAPID IT Components; Beyond Cost of Ownership Appendeces: Hewlett-Packard ITSM Activities; HP Infrastructure Operations.


Drew Wigodsky is a technical consultant in Hewlett-Packard Services Consulting and Integration. His diverse technology experiences include a myriad of roles as developer, designer, architect, project manager, executive, and owner. Before joining Rainier/Compaq/HP, Drew was a consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services, an executive in a small-business technology consultancy, a consulting practice director, and developed software for high-speed banknote image processing and telephone sales management. His customers include large and small multinational corporations, colleges, state governments, and non-profit organizations. Currently, Drew serves as an architect, planning IT investment strategy for a $3 billion HP Services outsourcing customer.


" ...you can only ever treat a book as a starting point, something to help you along the way. I think this book succeeds in that regard. It is not perfect, but no book ever is. It does not have all the answers, but no one has. Instead, it contains a lot of useful advice about practical IT."-Tony Redmond, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett-Packard Consulting and Integration "In today's ultra-competitive environment, corporations need every edge they can get, and IT can provide a variety of competitive edges when properly used. At the same time companies are being challenged to squeeze out every dollar of profit. This book helps the IT executive navigate the complexities of the technology and reconcile opposing forces in meeting the overall requirements of the corporation."--Peter Kiss, Visionary/CEO, Sentar, Inc.
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