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It is almost twenty years since Macmillan published Jack Demaine's Contemporary Theories in the Sociology of Education . This completely new book brings together important recent work of the most prominent sociologists working in the field of education today, and reaffirms the reputation of sociology of education as an international discipline at the forefront of original research and analysis. The book examines a wide range of empirical issues and different theoretical perspectives.


Acknowledgements Research in Sociology of Education Today;
J.Demaine Shaping the Sociology of Education Over Half a Century;
R.Dale Feminist Sociology of Education: Dynamics, Debates and Directions;
J.Dillabough &
M.Arnot Rethinking Social Justice: A Conceptual Analysis;
S.Gewirtz The New IQism: Intelligence, Ability and the Rationing of Education;
D.Gillborn &
D.Youdell New Teachers and the Question of Ethnicity: B.Carrington, A.Bonnett, A.Nayak, G.Short, C.Skelton, F.Smith, R.Tomlin &
J.Demaine Manufacturing the Global Locality, Customising the School and Designing Young Workers;
J.Kenway, P.Kelly &
S.Willis Development, Democracy and Deviance in Contemporary Sociology of Education;
L.Davies The Sociology of Comparative Education;
L.Saha New Class Relations in Education: The Strategies of the 'Fearful' Middle Classes;
S.Ball &
C.Vincent Missing: A Sociology of Educating the Middle Class;
S.Power Vultures and Third Ways: Recovering Mannheim's Legacy for Today;
G.Whitty Index


Edited By Jack Demaine


'This book stimulates our thoughts and notions about education and society; it compels us to engage fully in the study of educational systems and their impact...' - Contemporary Sociology
'All of these essays are well written...' - Choice
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