The Psychology of Group Aggression

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August 2002



People in groups act aggressively as a group, not as a collection of individuals. The Psychology of Group Aggression's comprehensive journey starts with group dynamics theory and research by reviewing its relationship to aggression. Arnold P. Goldstein then provides a unique and valuable insight into the different types and levels of intensity of anti-social behavior, examines its causes and considers its costs. In separate chapters he considers low intensity aggression, including ostracism, hazing, teasing; mid-intensity, e.g. bullying and harassment; and high intensity aggression, e.g. mobs and gangs. In a final section, he considers management and intervention techniques, both widely employed and emerging methods. "The Psychology of Group Aggression" is an important work for both a pure and an applied audience. It will be a key reference for many, including clinical and forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, criminal justice workers, social psychologists and academics and students in criminology, psychology and sociology.


About the Author. Series Editors' Preface. Preface. PART I: INTRODUCTION. Aggression-Relevant Group Dynamics. PART II: FORMS AND FORMULATIONS. Low-Level Aggression Bullying and Harassment Delinquent Gangs The Mob PART III: INTERVENTION. Established and Emerging Interventions. References. Index.


"...Essential..." (The Psychologist, July 2003) "...a brief, well-structured and focused book elucidating the general social processes that maintain group aggression...(Clinical Psychology, Nov 2003)
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