American Economic Development Since 1945: Growth, Decline, and Rejuvenation

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Dezember 2002



This clearly-written book provides an historical analysis of postwar economic development in the United States, helping the reader to understand the nation's current economic position. Samuel Rosenberg investigates three postwar phases: the creation of an institutional framework setting the stage for prosperity in the U.S. after World War II; the forces undermining this institutional framework and the resulting stagflation of the 1970s; and the recreation of a new institutional structure in the 1980s. Basic economic concepts are introduced and explained throughout and specific attention is paid to macroeconomic policy, industrial relations, the role of the U.S. in the world economy, social and labour policy, the structure of the labour force, and the distribution of income by race and gender.


Editors' Preface.- Preface.- PART I: INTRODUCTION.- Introduction.- Economic Mobilization for Survival, 1940-1960.- PART II: THE MAKING OF AN INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK, 1945-1960.- Macroeconomic Policy, Economic Instability and Economic Growth.- Business-Labor Relations: Conflict Amidst Stability.- From Dollar Shortage to Dollar Glut.- PART III: STRAINS DEVELOPING WITHIN THE INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK, 1960-1971.- From Guideposts to Controls: The Rise and Fall of Keynesian Demand Management.- Standoff at the Workplace.- The Persistence of Inequality and the Limits of Liberal Policy.- The Dollar: No Longer as Good as Gold.- PART IV: THE UNMAKING OF AN INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK AND THE RECREATION OF ANOTHER, 1971-2000.- Stagflation, 1971-1980.- The Economic and Political Stalemate, 1971-1980.- Restructuring the Economy: The Market-Based Conservative Strategy, 1981-1992.- Toward the 21st Century: A Reinvigorated Economy, 1993-2000.- Bibliography.- Index.


Samuel Rosenberg


'This clear, well-organized work belongs in any library. Summing up: Highly recommended.' - M Perelman, Choice
'...an outstanding summary statement of more than fifty-five years of American economic history and policy.' - Michael Meeropol, Challenge
'Interesting, thought-provoking reading.' - Louis P Cain, EH-Net
'Rosenberg has produced a valuable volume for anybody who wants an overview of the postwar US economy. It would be useful as a textbook for college-level courses on US history, for people interested in materials for noncurricular political economy education seminars, as well as for the interested general reader.' - Michael Perelman, Review of Radical Political Economics
'...among the best introductory surveys of modern US economic history.' - Iwan Morgan, The Economic History Review
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