Law in a Market Context: An Introduction to Market Concepts in Legal Reasoning

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April 2004



Robin Paul Malloy examines the way in which people experience the intersection of law, markets, and culture. He demonstrates the implications and the ambiguities of law in a market society through case examples, illustrative fact patterns, and problems based on hypothetical situations. His analysis provides a complete and accessible introduction to a vast array of economic terms, concepts, and ideas--making this book a valuable primer for anyone interested in understanding the use of market concepts in legal reasoning.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Notes on citations; Table of cases; Introduction; 1. Understanding the contested meaning of markets; 2. The law and market economy framework; 3. Market concepts of exchange; 4. Additional economic concepts for law and market economy; 5. The not-for-profit exchange context; 6. Parting thoughts; Index.


Professor of Law and Economics, and Director of the Program in Law and Market Economy, College of Law and Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Administration, Syracuse University.


'In Law in a Market Context, Robin Paul Malloy has effected an important, innovative, and thorough reinterpretation of the dominant model of law and economics by 'reframing' the market and exchange processes in terms of creativity, discovery, and community. As someone who writes in the areas of critical race and feminist theory, I find Malloy's approach to be particularly useful because it provides critical scholars who are concerned with issues of social justice and equality with a new and theoretically sophisticated way to understand and reckon with the market. Law in a Market Context should find its way on to every critical scholar's reading list.' Professor Emily Houh, University of Cincinnati, USA 'Professor Malloy builds a strong and long-needed bridge between humanistic and economic approaches to the study of law. Malloy humanizes market analysis by showing how our conceptions of markets are structured by cultural values. As a law professor and an economist I recommend this book to lawyers, judges, policymakers, and academics who want to sharpen their critiques of market thinking, as well as those who want to be better armed in the defense of markets.' Professor Shubha Ghosh, State University of New York, Buffalo
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