Experimental and Efficient Algorithms

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The Third International Workshop on Experimental and E?cient Algorithms (WEA 2004) was held in Angra dos Reis (Brazil), May 25 28, 2004. TheWEAworkshopsaresponsoredbytheEuropeanAssociationforTheo- tical Computer Science (EATCS). They are intended to provide an international forum for researchers in the areas of design, analysis, and experimental eval- tion of algorithms. The two preceding workshops in this series were held in Riga (Latvia, 2001) and Ascona (Switzerland, 2003). This proceedings volume comprises 40 contributed papers selected by the Program Committee along with the extended abstracts of the invited lectures presentedbyRichardKarp(UniversityofCaliforniaatBerkeley,USA),Giuseppe Italiano (University of Rome Tor Vergata , Italy), and Christos Kaklamanis (University of Patras, Greece). As the organizer and chair of this wokshop, I would like to thank all the authors who generously supported this project by submitting their papers for publication in thisvolume. Iamalso grateful to theinvited lecturers, who kindly accepted our invitation. For their dedication and collaboration in the refereeing procedure, I would like also to express my gratitude to the members of the Program Committee: E. Amaldi (Italy), J. Blazewicz (Poland), V.-D. Cung (France), U. Derigs (G- many), J. Diaz (Spain), M. Gendreau (Canada), A. Goldberg (USA), P. Hansen (Canada), T. Ibaraki (Japan), K. Jansen (Germany), S. Martello (Italy), C.C. McGeoch (USA), L.S. Ochi (Brazil), M.G.C. Resende (USA), J. Rolim (Sw- zerland), S. Skiena (USA), M. Sniedovich (Australia), C.C. Souza (Brazil), P.


A Hybrid Bin-Packing Heuristic to Multiprocessor Scheduling.- Efficient Edge-Swapping Heuristics for Finding Minimum Fundamental Cycle Bases.- Solving Chance-Constrained Programs Combining Tabu Search and Simulation.- An Algorithm to Identify Clusters of Solutions in Multimodal Optimisation.- On an Experimental Algorithm for Revenue Management for Cargo Airlines.- Cooperation between Branch and Bound and Evolutionary Approaches to Solve a Bi-objective Flow Shop Problem.- Simple Max-Cut for Split-Indifference Graphs and Graphs with Few P 4's.- A Randomized Heuristic for Scene Recognition by Graph Matching.- An Efficient Implementation of a Joint Generation Algorithm.- Lempel, Even, and Cederbaum Planarity Method.- A Greedy Approximation Algorithm for the Uniform Labeling Problem Analyzed by a Primal-Dual Technique.- Distributed Circle Formation for Anonymous Oblivious Robots.- Dynamic Programming and Column Generation Based Approaches for Two-Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Problems.- Engineering Shortest Path Algorithms.- How to Tell a Good Neighborhood from a Bad One: Satisfiability of Boolean Formulas.- Implementing Approximation Algorithms for the Single-Source Unsplittable Flow Problem.- Fingered Multidimensional Search Trees.- Faster Deterministic and Randomized Algorithms on the Homogeneous Set Sandwich Problem.- Efficient Implementation of the BSP/CGM Parallel Vertex Cover FPT Algorithm.- Combining Speed-Up Techniques for Shortest-Path Computations.- Increased Bit-Parallelism for Approximate String Matching.- The Role of Experimental Algorithms in Genomics.- A Fast Algorithm for Constructing Suffix Arrays for Fixed-Size Alphabets.- Pre-processing and Linear-Decomposition Algorithm to Solve the k-Colorability Problem.- An Experimental Study of Unranking Algorithms.- An Improved Derandomized Approximation Algorithm for the Max-Controlled Set Problem.- GRASP with Path-Relinking for the Quadratic Assignment Problem.- Finding Minimum Transmission Radii for Preserving Connectivity and Constructing Minimal Spanning Trees in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks.- A Dynamic Algorithm for Topologically Sorting Directed Acyclic Graphs.- Approximating Interval Coloring and Max-Coloring in Chordal Graphs.- A Statistical Approach for Algorithm Selection.- An Improved Time-Sensitive Metaheuristic Framework for Combinatorial Optimization.- A Huffman-Based Error Detecting Code.- Solving Diameter Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problems in Dense Graphs.- An Efficient Tabu Search Heuristic for the School Timetabling Problem.- Experimental Studies of Symbolic Shortest-Path Algorithms.- Experimental Comparison of Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedures for the Maximum Diversity Problem.- Using Compact Tries for Cache-Efficient Sorting of Integers.- Using Random Sampling to Build Approximate Tries for Efficient String Sorting.- The Datapath Merging Problem in Reconfigurable Systems: Lower Bounds and Heuristic Evaluation.- An Analytical Model for Energy Minimization.- A Heuristic for Minimum-Width Graph Layering with Consideration of Dummy Nodes.


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