Beyond Diagnosis: Case Formulation Approaches in CBT

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April 1999



Beyond Diagnosis Case Formulation Approaches in CBT Edited by Michael Bruch, University College London Medical School, UK and Frank W. Bond, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK Most clinical psychologists and psychotherapists strive to plan and implement treatment programmes suited to the individual needs of their clients. The challenge is to do so within an environment of evidence-based managed care, for which the cognitive-behavioural model seems well suited. The case formulation approach is increasingly used and taught to meet this challenge. This unique collection of chapters by acknowledged experts is written with the trainee and practitioner in mind, with the emphasis on understanding case formulation and its clinical application. The reader will find that this book: * Provides detailed examples of different, current approaches to CBT in the context of case formulation. * Shows how six different types of psychological problems are conceptualised and treated from a case formulation perspective. * Demonstrates how treatment manuals can be tailored to individual client needs, a process that may well increase the efficacy of the treatment manuals. * Provides throughout many detailed, concrete examples of how clinicians can use CBT case formulations with their clients. These clinical illustrations emphasise that approaches can be variable and adaptable within the cognitive-behavioural framework. They are applicable to a wide variety of psychological problems, using individually tailored treatment programmes for the needs of specific clients. This book will help clinicians to use case formulation approaches with their own clients. From the Foreword by Ira Daniel Turkat: "The clinician who reads this book will be grateful for the very practical information offered . . The ultimate goal of clinical psychology should be to prevent psychopathology from occurring. To do so, we need to understand what causes these disorders in the first place and why they continue to be exhibited . by focusing on how to 'think' about clinical phenomena, the following pages guide us down the right path."


The Development of Case Formulation Approaches (M. Bruch).

The UCL Case Formulation Model: Clinical Applications and Procedures (M. Bruch).

Understanding Persons in the Context of Their Problems: A Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Perspective (W. Dryden).

The Reformulation of Panic Attacks and a Successful Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment of Social Evaluative Anxiety (G. Davison & M. Gann).

Using a Case Formulation to Understand and Treat a Person with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (F. Bond).

Context Focused Analysis: An Experimentally Derived Model for Working with Complex Problems with Children, Adolescents and Systems (D. Lane).

Managing the Therapeutic Relationship in Behavior Therapy: The Need for a Case Formulation (P. AuBuchon & V. Malatesta).

AIDS Phobia, Compulsive Rituals and Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder (H. Reinecker).

Utilising Case Formulations in Manual-Based Treatments (F. Bond).

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