The Handbook of Memory Disorders

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November 2002



This new edition of "The Handbook of Memory Disorders" has been completely rewritten to reflect the huge amount of new research in recent years on both the understanding of memory disorders and the assessment and treatment of patients. Written by a truly international team of experts, it offers an authoritative review of the key areas of research and development in this field. Highlights of the second edition include: a new section on developmental memory disorders new chapters on frontal lobe deficits, confabulation and the neuropsychological basis of false memory discussion of research on animals and computational modelling a new chapter that overviews structural and functional imaging techniques.


About the Editors. List of Contributors. Preface. Preface to the First Edition. SECTION I: THEORETICAL BACKGROUND. The Psychology of Memory (A. Baddeley). Neurobiological Foundations of Human Memory (D. Tranel and A. Damasio). Functional Neuroimaging of Memory (M. Rugg). The Medial Temporal Lobe and Memory for Facts and Events (J. Manns and L. Squire). Connectionist Models for Memory Disorders (J. Murre). Psychopharmacology of Human Memory (H. Curran and H. Weingartner). SECTION II: VARIETIES OF MEMORY DISORDER. The Amnesic Syndrome: Overview and Subtypes (M. O'Connor and M. Verfaillie). Theories of Anterograde Amnesia (A. Mayes). Retrograde Amnesia (M. Kopelman). Transient Global Amnesia (G. Goldenberg). Recovery of Memory Function in Neurological Disease (N. Kapur and K. Graham). Neuropsychological Impairments of Verbal Short-term Memory (G. Vallar and C. Papagano). Neuropsychological Impairments of Visual and Spatial Working Memory (S. Della Sala and R. Logie). Disorders of Semantic Memory (J. Snowden). The Cognitive Neuroscience of Confabulation: A Review and a Model (A. Gilboa and M. Moscovitch). Frontal Lobes and Memory (J. Baldo and A. Shimamura). Posttraumatic Amnesia and Residual Memory Deficit after Closed Head Injury (H. Levin and G. Hanten). Schizophrenia (P. McKenna et al.). Memory and Emotional Disorder (T. Dalgleish and S. Cox). Psychogenic Amnesia (M. Kopelman). SECTION III: DEVELOPMENT AND MEMORY. Memory Development During the Childhood Years (S. Gathercole). Children with Intellectual Disabilities (S. Vicari and G. Carlesimo). Developmental Amnesias and Accquired Amnesias of Childhood (C. Temple). Memory in Elderly People (J. Kester et al.). The Memory Deficit in Alzheimer's Disease (J. Becker and A. Overman) Memory Disorders in Subcortical Dementia (J. Brandt and C. Munro). SECTION IV: ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF MEMORY PROBLEMS. Assessment of Memory Disorders (B. Wilson). Separating Memory from Other Cognitive Disorders (D. Howieson and M. Lezak). Management and Remediation of Memory Problems in Brain-injured Adults (B. Wilson). Assessment and Management of Memory Problems in Children (J. Middleton). Assessment and Intervention in Dementia of Alzheimer Type (L. Clare). Reducing the Impact of Cognitive Impairment in Dementia (B. Woods). External Memory Aids and Computers in Memory Rehabilitation (N. Kapur et al.). Emotional and Social Consequences of Memory Disorders (R. Tate). Author Index. Subject Index.


"...incorporates several changes and additions that reflect the progress that has been made...promises to be a valuable resource..." (The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Vol 57A(5), 2004)
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