Rendering with mental ray®

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November 2005



Written by the mental ray software project leader, this book gives a general introduction into rendering with mental ray, as well as step-by-step recipes for creating advanced effects and tips and tricks for professional users. A comprehensive definiton of mental ray's scene description language and the standard shader libraries are included as the basis for all examples. The third, completely revised edition covers the latest version of the new generation of mental ray, version 3.4.


Overview.- Scene Construction.- Cameras.- Surface Shading.- Light and Shadow.- Volume Rendering.- Caustics and Global Illumination.- Motion Blur.- Hardware Rendering.- Contours.- Shaders and Phenomena.- Postprocessing and Image Output.- Geometric Objects **.- Instancing and Grouping.- Inheritance.- Incremental Changes and Animations.- Using and Creating Shader Libraries **.- Parallelism.- The Options Block.- The Architecture of mental ray 3.x **.- Quality and Performance Tuning.- Troubleshooting *.
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