Classical Octane: Adrenalin Pumping with the Classics

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August 2004



Classical music is particularly conducive to improving our ability to learn as it helps us to attain a state of relaxed alertness, known as the "alpha state," which is very beneficial to concentrating and studying. In an alpha state, a person is able to learn or concentrate in a stress-free, high-energy environment. As background music when studying or working, they will help to accelerate the pace of learning effortlessly. Recorded at around 80 beats per minute, these tracks are an excellent accompaniment to high-energy activities such as brainstorming, vigorous exercise, or group work.


Roland Roberts studied at the Royal Academy in London and later as a Fulbright Scholar in the USA where he gained a Masters Degree in Music. Roland has broadcast and performed worldwide as a solo violinist and has been leader of some of the finest British ensembles including the Thames Chamber Orchestra and the City of Oxford Orchestra with whom he has recently recorded Vivaldi's Four Seasons. He has also played on many Hollywood movie soundtracks and CD recordings ranging from Pavorotti to Annie Lennox and performed in venues from The Carnegie Hall to Wembley Stadium. As a conductor he was Principal conductor of the Fulham Symphony Orchestra for five years and has worked with many professional and amateur orchestras. Other work includes composing and arranging music for BBC Television and film, and a recent composition "An English Elegy" was chosen as "pick of the week" on BBC Radio Suffolk.
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