Monosaccharides: Their Chemistry and Their Roles in Natural Products

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Monosaccharides Their Chemistry and Their Roles in Natural Products Peter Collins University of London, UK Robin Ferrier Victoria University of Wellington, NZ An in-depth text for students starting their study of carbohydrate chemistry, Monosaccharides relates the vast field of carbohydrate chemistry to both synthetic organic chemistry and biological processes. The structures and reactions of monosaccharides are examined in detail and their applications in synthesis and as biologically active compounds are discussed and explained at length. This textbook, written by two well-known experienced teachers and researchers in carbohydrate chemistry, provides:
* up-to-date coverage of this rapidly expanding and developing field
* classification of monosaccharide reactions according to reaction site
* treatment of monosaccharides as organic compounds with rationalized chemistry
* more than 1000 references to the primary literature
* a discussion of monosaccharides as components of biologically active compounds
Monosaccharides will be invaluable for students and lecturers alike in organic, bioorganic and natural products chemistry, biochemistry, glycobiology and molecular biology.


Preliminary Matters--Structures, Shapes and Sources.
Reactions and Products of Reactions at the Anomeric Centre.
Reactions and Products of Reactions at Non-Anomeric Carbon Atoms.
Reactions and Products of Reactions of the Hydroxyl Groups.
The Chemical Synthesis of Oligosaccharides.
Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Non-Carbohydrate Compounds by Use of Monosaccharides.
Natural Products Related to and Containing Monosaccharides.
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