Salt Weathering Hazards

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Oktober 1997



The hazards posed to engineering structures by salt weathering are increasing because of such diverse factors as the spread of irrigation and high levels of atmospheric pollution. Salt weathering is also a potent cause of rock decay and geomorphological change in polar, coastal and desert environments. The book discusses the reasons why the hazards are increasing and presents striking case studies from many parts of the world. It also discusses the nature and sources of different salts, the mechanisms that cause the deterioration of building materials and natural rock outcrops, the geomorphological processes of salt attack and their impact on landform development, and the strategies and techniques that are available to combat salt attack. The book is extensively illustrated and has a very comprehensive bibliography of the multi-disciplinary literature.


Peface. Acknowledgements. The Hazard. Case Studies. Nature of Salts Involved in Salt Weathering and Sources of Moisture. Materials' Susceptibility and Experimental Simulations. Mechanisms of Salt Attack. Geomorphological Implications of Salt Weathering. Diagnosing, Solving and Managing Salt weathering Hazards. Referenes. Index.


Andrew Goudie and Heather Viles School of Geography, University of Oxford, UK
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