Spectral and Chemical Characterization of Organic Compounds: A Laboratory Handbook

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Januar 1991



This book brings together information the student is likely to need in the laboratory for characterization of organic compounds- their principal chemical reactions and their spectral properties. For the third edition of this popular laboratory student text the authors have included the theoretical basis of the chemical tests which are described and have also expanded the sections on spectroscopy. In particular the layout of the tables- both chemical and spectroscopic- has been improved. The melting point tables have been revised in the light of current availability of organic compounds. A basic knowledge of the theoretical principles of spectroscopy is assumed. Systematic names are used throughout though where the older trivial names are still in common use these are given in addition. The book also includes a section on the characterization of pharmaceutical compounds for students of pharmacy. Contents: Preface to First Edition; Preface to Second Edition, Preface to Third Edition; Safety in the Laboratory; Preliminary Tests, Chemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of Functional Groups; Chromatographic Methods; The Separation of Organic Mixtures; Preparation of Derivatives: Tables of Organic Compounds and their Derivatives; Pharmaceutical Compounds; Index.


Safety in the Laboratory. Preliminary Tests. Chemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of Functional Groups. Chromatographic Methods. Chemical Separation of Organic Mixtures. Preparation of Derivatives. Tables of Organic Compounds and Their Derivatives. Pharmaceutical Compounds. Index.


About the Authors-- Dr. Criddle left University College, Cardiff in 1960 and joined the analytical section of the BP (Plastics) Group. He subsequently joined the staff of UWIST in 1963 and during this time has been active in the field of analytical chemistry, particularly in the development and application of new chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques. His other research interests are in the fields of wine chemistry and pharmaceutical analytical chemistry. Dr. Ellis graduated and gained his PhD degree at King's College, University of London. After a few years on research at ICI and Fisons Pharmaceutical, he joined the staff of UWIST in 1962. He has published many research papers, reviews and patents on organic and medicinal chemistry and is co-editor of Progress in Medicinal Chemistry. In 1974 he was awarded the degree of DSc by the University of London.
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