Depression in Old Age

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September 1994



The growing incidence of depression in old age has stimulated considerable research activity in recent years. Underdetected and undertreated, it is a profoundly disabling condition associated with a high rate of suicide. However, an enthusiastic approach to its detection and management can considerably improve an otherwise poor prognosis. Depression in Old Age is a distillate of the research information currently available, describing the causes, epidemiology and presentation of depression in the elderly. The book also provides guidance on the detection and management of depression as well as reviewing the psychosocial and biological contributors to its aetiology and prognosis. It will be required reading for those researching, or involved in, the areas of psychiatry, psychology, medicine, social work and primary care.


Clinical Features of Depression in Old Age. The Measurement of Depression in Old Age. The Epidemiology of Depression in Old Age. The Aetiology of Depression in Old Age. Depression and Physical Illness in Old Age. Suicide and Attempted Suicide in Old Age. The Management of Depression in Old Age. The Prognosis of Depression in Old Age. Future Directions. Index.
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