A Practical Guide to Clinical Bacteriology

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August 1995



For more than a century bacteriology has been an important subject for the medical profession. The continuing discovery of new micro-organisms, new bacterial disease, and new antibiotics and approaches to the control of bacterial infection will ensure its continuing significance in medicine and health care. This highly practical, well-illustrated, quick reference guide to clinical bacteriology provides a thorough grounding in the subject in an informative yet lively and entertaining manner. Beginning with general principles of bacteriology, the book then provides a succinct and readable account of the bacteria of medical importance, describing in uniform style the relevant symptoms, signs and complications, as well as epidemiology, treatment and prevention, and laboratory diagnosis. Packed with information, this book will enjoy wide appeal particularly amongst hospital and community physicians, nurses, students of medicine and biology, laboratory technicians and health professionals.


Partial table of contents: Classification of Bacteria. Ecology and Spread of Bacteria. Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections. Laboratory Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections. Antimicrobial Agents. Sterilisation and Disinfection. Immunisation Against Bacterial Infections. Clinical Syndromes. The Stapylococci. Bacillus Species. Listeria. The Clostridia. Treponema Species. Borrelia Species. Legionella. Brucella Species. Franciscella, Yersinia and Pasteurella Species. Coliforms, Pseudomonads and Allied Organisms. Salmonella Species. Shigella Species. Vibrios. Helicobacter Pylori. Bacteroides Species. The Mycobacteria. The Mycoplasmas. The Chlamydiae. The Rickettsiae. Index.
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