Europe at the Margins: New Mosaics of Inequality

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August 1995



Looks at the the emergence of new forms of marginality as part of the new map of Europe. The contributors focus on regions, cities, and social groups which at first sight are missing out; the people and places on the edge of dominant economic, political and cultural systems which carry the stigma of marginality.


Partial table of contents: New Aspects of Marginality in Europe (E. Mingione). GENDER, RACE, CULTURE. Women of the South After, Like Before, Maastricht? (D. Vaiou). New International Migrations and the "European Fortress" (E. Pugliese). Culture and Marginality in the New Europe (K. Robins & A. Aksoy). CAPITAL, LABOUR, STATE POLICIES. Remote Rural Areas: Villages on the Northern Margin (J. Oksa). New Forms of Transport and Communication, New Patterns of Disadvantage (J. Gaspar). Growth at the Margins: Contract Labour in a Core Region (J. Allen & N. Henry). CONCLUDING COMMENTS AND OPEN QUESTIONS. Where Have Urban Movements Gone? (C. Pickvance). Thinking About the Edge: The Concept of Marginality (A. Bailly & E. Weiss-Altaner). Index.
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