Services for UMTs: Creating Killer Applications in 3G

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April 2002



UMTS oder 3G: Welche Dienste werden mit den neuen Mobilfunkstandards möglich sein? Ob mobiler Internetzugriff, Videoaufrufe, mCommerce oder Spiele, dieser Band eröffnet die Diskussion neuer Medienwelten. Zahlreiche Diagramme, Tabellen und Abbildungen erleichtern die Übersicht. Interessantes Detail für Insider: Diskutiert wird auch die Zukunftsperspektive des Unternehmens Nokia!


Foreword (Hadden).
Acknowledgements (Ahonen and Barrett).
Intro to UMTS services - The Future Starts Here (Barrett and Ahonen).
Attributes of Services for UMTS - What Makes for Desirable Services (Ahonen and Barrett).
The 5M's of UMTS services - Killer Wanted (Ahonen and Barrett).
Services to Address Movement Needs - Escaping the Fixed Place (Keskinen et al).
Services to Address Moment Needs - Expanding the Concept of Time (Keskinen et al).
Services to Address the "Me" Needs - Extending Me and My Community (Anderson et al).
Services to Address Money Needs - Expending Financial Resources (Ahonen and Barrett).
Services to Address Machine Needs - Empowering Gadgets and Devices (Barrett and Ahonen).
Types of UMTS Services - Categorising the Future (Barrett et al).
Marketing UMTS Services - Segment, Segment, Segment! (Rastas et al).
Competitiveness in UMTS - The Winner Takes It All (Barrett et al).
Partnering in UMTS - When you cannot do all of it alone (Ereth et al).
Business Case for UMTS - Revenues, Costs and Profitability (Ahonen and Barrett).
Technical Primer to UMTS - WCDMA Technology for the Layman (Holma and Toskala).
Postscript - Final Thoughts (Ahonen and Barrett).
Service Vignettes (throughout the book) (Ahonen).
Useful Websites.
Services Index.


Tomi is an independent consultant on 3G strategy. Previously he set up and headed Nokia's Global 3G Business Consultancy department. Earlier he worked for three operators/carriers in Finland and New York, creating the world's first fixed-mobile service bundle, and setting a world record for challenger operator market share, as well as participating in telecoms standardization. He started work as a controller on Wall Street. Tomi holds an MBA from St John's University New York.
Joe has been in the telecommunications industry since 1979 when he joined BT. He has worked in the mobile telecommunications arena since 1985 where he worked in the emerging European mobile phone market. He has been with Nokia for over 10 years holding various positions in sales, marketing and strategic areas for the mobile infrastructure business. He started his career in the Royal Navy as a radio engineer and now lives in Finland with his family.


"Essentially anyone keen to take advantage of the undoubted business opportunities presented by 3G will find this book an inspiring and compelling read." (www.mformobile.com, 30 May 2002)
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