Dispersion in Estuaries and Coastal Waters

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Dezember 1997



Dispersion in Estuaries and Coastal Waters describes the physical processes which result in the dilution of a substance in the marine environment. The emphasis is mainly on the fundamental mechanisms of dispersion and the occurrence of these processes in estuaries and coastal waters Aspects of the present understanding of fluid dynamics in homogenous and stratified flows are discussed, with particular reference to the relevance of flow conditions to the turbulent state. The book describes how the associated dispersion processes are represented in mathematical models to quantify dilution in marine systems and the experimental techniques used to derive the mixing parameters required for the models. Concluding by discussing the application of the concepts of dispersion in well mixed, stratified and partially mixed systems, Dispersion in Estuaries and Coastal Waters acts as an excellent guide book for those needing to solve practical problems relating to marine dispersion. It also provides a useful review of dispersion as it cites key publications, both recent and long-standing, which are invaluable in interpreting and quantifying the dilution and fate of material in the marine environment.


Fluid Dynamics - Homogeneous Flow. Fluid Dynamics - Stratified Flow. Turbulent Diffusion. Shear Dispersion. Modelling Dispersion. Methodology for Measurement and Observation. Studies of Well-Mixed Systems. Studies of Stratified Systems. Studies of Partially Stratified Systems. References. Index.
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