High Resolution Laser Photoionization and Photoelectron Studies

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August 1995



Recent advances in both experimental techniques and theoretical methodologies have meant that increasingly sophisticated studies concerning the formation, structures, energetics, and reaction dynamics of state- or energy-selected molecular ions can now be performed. In order to better serve the ion chemistry and physics community, each volume of this series will be dedicated to reviewing a specific topic, emphasizing new experimental and theoretical developments in the study of ions. The Wiley Series in Ion Chemistry and Physics will help stimulate new research directions and point to future opportunities in the field of ion chemistry and physics. This fourth volume is devoted to developments associated with the high resolution study of molecular photoionization, presented from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints. This field has been revolutionized in recent years through the rapid development of zero kinetic energy (ZEKE) photoelectron spectroscopy, which is featured prominently within this volume. These advances have expanded the researcher' s ability to probe not just structural features, but also the detailed dynamics of a system, resulting in the interest and applicability of the technique being broadened to areas of chemical physics extending beyond the traditional study of photoionization per se. Each of the twelve chapters making up this volume is written by leading researchers in their respective fields.


Partial table of contents: An Historical Introduction to Threshold Photoionization (T. Baer & P.-M. Guyon). High Resolution Spectroscopy with Photoelectrons: ZEKE Spectroscopy of Molecular Systems (K. Muller-Dethlefs). State-Resolved Photoionization Dynamics of Small Molecules Using Coherent VUV Radiation (R. Wiedman & M. White). VUV-ZEKE Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Final-State Interactions in Small Molecular Systems (F. Merkt & T. Softley). Rotationally Resolved Autoionization of Molecular Rydberg States (H. Lefebvre-Brion). Exploiting Polarization in the Study of Molecular Photoionization Dynamics (K. Reid & D. Leahy). ZEKE Studies with Picosecond Lasers (J. Knee). Physics of Near-Threshold States in Molecular Hydrogen (E. Eyler). Indexes.
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