Semiconductor Micromachining

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Semiconductor Micromachining - Fundamentals and Technology - is a two volume work in which, for the first time, the various disciplines associated with the theory and practice of device fabrication are brought together in one comprehensive reference source. Volume 1 contains a detailed coverage of semiconductor electrochemistry and physics whilst Volume 2 describes the wide range of microengineering technologies with details of practical applications. The authors for each chapter have been carefully selected for their expertise and are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields. The purpose of this book is to enable workers in the area of semiconductor micromachining to have ready access to the basic literature, essential to provide a solid basis for the many different aspects of physics, chemistry, electronics and engineering involved with this technology. The main focus of the book is on structures based on silicon, the most common and versatile of the current range of commercially available semiconductors, but other materials such as III-V semiconductors are also considered. Together these two volumes provide an indispensable reference text for this fast growing area of applied science. It will be of value to a wide range of academic and industrial scientists, technologists and engineers who wish to expand their knowledge in this area of science and for whom thus far, there has been no convenient reference work. Volume 1: Fundamental Electrochemistry and Physics


Anisotrophy and the Micromachining of Silicon (A. Campbell, et al.). Etch Stops (S. Collins). Photonic Integrated Circuits, Technology and Concepts (R. Matz). Monolithically Integrated Sensors for Mechanical Quantities in Standard CMOS Processing (H. Offereins, et al.). Silicon on Insulators (C. Harendt G. Roos). Integrated Sensors and Actuators (N. Najaft). Smart Sensors (N. Najaft J. Moyne). Anodic Oxidation of Silicon as a Low-Temperature Passivation Technique (G. Mende). Micromachined Optoelectronic Structures and Devices (P. Deimel). Wet and Dry Etching: A Comparison in the Context of Solid State Electronics Applications (K. Bachmann). Index.
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