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Growing revenue in this evolved economy is a challenge. Products are hard to describe and value is difficult to explain. Traditional sales techniques are ineffective. Buyers are more sophisticated, selling cycles are longer and customers have increasingly complex buying processes.

With CEOs, sales management and professional sales executives in mind, Donal Daly and Paul O'Dea have created the SELECT SELLING methodology to address this challenge. Between them, they have started six successful companies. In 40 years' combined experience, spanning five continents, they have sold complex products, managed and trained sales teams, and helped companies grow revenue through the definition and implementation of organizational process - from strategic market positioning to sales execution.

Using SELECT SELLING, learn how to: select the right customers to pursue; become an expert in your customer's business; guide the sale with advanced questioning techniques; increase your sales conversion rate; and know which deals you can win.

The SELECT SELLING methodology has been designed to equip anyone selling high value, complex products to large corporations with a defined and rigorous process that can be moulded to an individual salesperson's style but which also takes much of the uncertainty out of the sales process. It combines high-level, strategic marketing principles to draw the map, with focused tactics to complete each journey, addressing the practical stops along the way.

SELECT SELLING will be of particular value to those in the high technology industry. It will help them enhance their productivity, hit their targets more consistently, and increase revenue. Each major chapter in the book is accompanied by a worksheet and the book is supported by a website, www.selectselling.com.
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