A Sound Atlas of Irish English

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Dezember 2004



A Sound Atlas of Irish English offers a unique and comprehensive audio overview of the English language as spoken in present-day Ireland. Over 1,500 recordings cover both genders, all ages and each county. The recordings are supplemented by A Survey of Irish English Usage which consists of over 1,000 questionnaires on the acceptance of grammatical features specific to Irish English. The entire data, along with analytical software, can be accessed easily from the multi-platform DVD by means of a Java application. A Sound Atlas of Irish English is a powerful research tool for scholars and students alike who are working in sociolinguistics, dialectology or historical linguistics. System requirements: Windows PC: Pentium PC, Windows 2000/2003/XP, at least 128MB RAM, DVD-ROM Drive, 16 Bit Soundcard, XVGA (1024 x 768 resolution).Apple MAC: OS 9 or higher, 16 Bit Soundcard, at least 128MB RAM.


Raymond Hickey is Professor of English Linguistics at Essen
University, Germany.


"To sum up, the book constitutes an excellent tool not only for the scholars or students interested in Irish English, but also for the study and analysis of some of the fundamental issues that are still being discussed in Dialectology and Language Variation and Change. It is also a useful tool not only for those involved in the teaching of Varieties of English around the world, Sociolinguistics, and Language contact, but also for drama students who may be interested in working on the speech of an Irish character."Carolina Amador Morenoin: Linguist List 16.21195/2005
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