Lesbians and Gays in Couples and Families: A Handbook for Therapists

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Juni 1996



The first book to focus on clinical work with lesbians and gays in family relationships This groundbreaking resource provides you with a wealth of fascinating research and case examples, as well as recommAndations and suggestions for working with gay couples and families. Joan Laird and Robert-Jay Green have gathered a distinguished panel of practitioners to create this comprehensive collection. The contributors address the experiences of lesbians and gay men as couples and as parents?and examine their relationships with the families in which they were raised.


Lesbians and Gays in Couples and Families: Central Issues. PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND POLITICAL CONTEXTS. Transgenerational Homophobia in the Family: A Personal Narrative (M. English). Connections: Conversations Between a Gay Therapist and a Straight Therapist (S. Siegel & G. Walker). Social Policy as a Context for Lesbian and Gay Families: The Political is Personal (A. Hartman). FAMILIES OF ORIGIN. Invisible Ties: Lesbians and Their Families of Origin (J. Laird). Coming Out and the Mother--Daughter Bond: Two Case Examples (S. Iasenza, et al.). Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Asian Americans and Their Families (P. Liu & C. Chan). Self--Labeling and Disclosure Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth (R. Savin--Williams). LESBIAN AND GAY COUPLES. Are Lesbian Couples Fused and Gay Male Couples Disengaged?: Questioning GAnder Straightjackets (R. Green, et al.). Creating and Maintaining Boundaries in Male Couples (T. Johnson & M. Keren). African American Lesbians: Issues in Couples Therapy (B. Greene & N. Boyd--Franklin). Gender Roles Among Latino Gay and Bisexual Men: Implications for Family and Couple Relationships (E. Morales). Lesbian Couples and Childhood Trauma: Guidelines for Therapists (S. Kerewsky & D. Miller). Assessing Heterosexist Bias in the Treatment of Lesbian Couples with Chemical Dependency (S. Anderson). LESBIAN AND GAY PARENTS. Two Moms: Contribution of the Planned Lesbian Family to the Deconstruction of GAndered Parenting (V. Mitchell). Lesbians Choosing Children: Creating Families, Creating Narratives (C. Muzio). Working with Gay Fathers: Developmental Postdivorce Parenting and Therapeutic Issues (J. Bigner). Families Coping with HIV Disease in Gay Fathers: Dimensions of Treatment (S. Shuster). Lesbian Mothers and Their Children: Findings from the Bay Area Families Study (C. Patterson).


JOAN LAIRD is professor of social work at the Smith College School for Social Work, where she is chair of the Human Behavior in the Social Environment sequence. She is a co--founder of and for many years was on the staff of Ann Arbor Center for the Family, a family therapy clinical, training, and research institute. Co--author with Ann Hartman of Family--Centered Social Work Practice, she has written and presented widely on women's stories, rituals, and secrets. Her most recent book is titled Revisioning Social Work Education: A Social Constructionist Approach. In the last few years, her scholarship has focused on lesbian families. ROBERT--JAY GREEN is professor and coordinator of Family--Child Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley/Alameda. He has published widely in the field of family therapy, including two co--authored books, Family Therapy: Major Contributions (1981) and Voices of Women Family Therapists (in press). Dr. Green is on the board of directors of the American Family Therapy Academy, is a fellow of APA and AAMFT, and serves on the editorial boards of Family Process, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy and Cultural Diversity and Mental Health.


"The text is well written and very readable and readers do not need extensive training or knowledge in the area to gain a great deal from this book. Overall, this book can be an invaluable resource for both the practicing counselors and students." (Counseling Today)"This book exemplifies a unique and valuable contribution to the field of of couples and family therapy for many reasons. To my knowledge, this handbook represents a first attempt at integrating personal accounts, clinical practice, theory, and empirical research in addressing the complexities of being gay or lesbian in couples and families. . . . Because it is informative and comprehensive, I highly recommAnd it to all therapists.""Lesbians and Gays in Couples and Families is most effective in the way it unapologetically challenges the myths our society perpetuates about gays and lesbians, particularly the myth that places sex rather then relatedness at the center of our lives. The book challenges these myths with innovative feminist, relational theories of families and connections, and with sound research to back up most of their claims. This is a book that should be read not only by clinicians working with gay and lesbian clients, but by anyone who is worried about the effects of the patriarchy on future generations . . . gay, lesbian, straight, or bisexual.""This book is a valuable contribution to the growing gay-friAndly literature on clinical work with gay men and lesbians and demonstrates how understanding gay and lesbian relationships adds to our understanding of heterosexual ones.""Joan Laird and Robert-Jay Green are two of the brightest luminaries in our field....This book should be required reading for all family therapists...for educating ourselves, our trainees, and the field of family therapy in general.""Scholarship and clinical wisdom both abound in this timely and important volume. Laird and Green's book will set the standard in this area for a long time to come." (Alan S.
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