Visual Basic .NET Class Design Handbook

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September 2003



* Learn how to create robust, flexible, reusable classes with Visual Basic .NET.

* Understand the different kinds of types and how classes relate to the .NET type framework.

* See how .NET's delegate-based event system works, and how to control and exploit inheritance in types.


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Andy Olsen: Andy is a freelance consultant engaged in training, consultancy, and development work in Microsoft .NET and related technologies. Andy studied Physics at Southampton University in England, and began his professional life as a C developer. As the 1990s came and went, Andy migrated into C++, Visual Basic, Java, and OO Analysis and Design using UML. Andy has been using Microsoft development tools and technologies since 1987, and has fond memories and many tall stories to tell of times gone by.
Damon Allison: Damon is an IT consultant in Minneapolis, MN focusing on implementing Microsoft technologies. Arguably, Damon has a life outside of programming. He enjoys playing golf and has high hopes someday he'll be good at it.
James Speer of Charteris plc: James Speer has worked in software development since 1987. Beginning his career with BCPL and C++, James has more recently specialized in distributed middle-tier development using Visual Basic, XML, MSMQ, and SQL Server. James is currently employed by Charteris plc (www.charteris.com) as a Senior Developer providing prescriptive guidance, mentoring, and development expertise for Charteris clients.

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