The Climate Revealed

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Oktober 1999



An authoritative, yet accessible guide to the world's climate, its effects and its future. Text from an expert author combines with specially commissioned illustrations and colour photographs to make complex ideas easy to understand.


"...visually rich...studded with stunning, magazine-quality photographs and offers a new topic with literally every turn of the page." American Scientist "Through a host of illustrative graphs, charts, maps, photographs, and lucid text, Burroughs explains how fundamental climatic processes work and how meteorologists attempt to predict them. Burroughs exuberantly details each climate zone highlighting unique features and the impact humans have had there." Science News "There is much here on climate and society, from Mediterranean diets to the impact of avalanches and from urbanization to desertification. The book is lavishly illustrated with high quality photos, graphs, explanatory illustrations, and even some brief biographies." Science Book and Films "I have never come across a book that explains more clearly and vividly the factors that affect our climate: the pictures and diagrams are well-chosen, and they are superbly integrated with the text." Clive Cookson, Financial Times "For sheer beauty, I cannot recall a comparable book on the climate system. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society "...if you are looking for a good survey reference on the Earth's climate, I recommend this book." Keith C. Heidorn, PhD, ACM, The Weather Doctor "...a well-illustrated guide to issues past, present and future about the evidence for changes in Earth's environment...A very informative book." Choice "The Climate Revealed is an attractive volume...The photographs are well done and invite readers to think about the images and how they connect with the region...I'm sure to use my copy in the classroom." National Science Teachers Association
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