Religions of Late Antiquity in Practice

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"This collection will surely prove to be a gold mine for those of us who teach the religions of late antiquity. It provides a lively and kaleidoscopic view of an entire era of religious activity and development. It will also be a tool for scholars. . . .The emphasis on practice is a completely new feature in a collection of this kind; there is simply nothing like it."--Patricia Cox Miller, author of "Dreams in Late Antiquity"


Princeton Readings in Religions vii Conventions ix Contributors xv Introduction - Richard Valantasis 3 Inventing the Individual: Biography 1. The First Sahidic Life of Pachomius - James E. Goehring 19 2. Philostratus of Athens, Life of Apollonius of Tyana - Megan H. Williams 34 3. Porphyry, On the Life of Plotinus and the Order of His Books - Richard Valantasis 50 Refashioning the Person: Asceticism 4. Evagrius Ponticus on Prayer and Anger - Columba Stewart OSB 65 5. Pseudo-Athanasius, Discourse on Salvation to a Virgin - Teresa M. Shaw 82 6. Basil of Caesarea, The "Prooemium" of the Regulaefusius tractatae - Lawrence J. Altepeter 100 7. Sermons of Columbanus - Arthur G. Holder 109 8. Manichaean Asceticism - Jason David BeDuhn 122 Founding Religious Movements: Organizations - 9. Talmudic Texts and Jewish Social Life - Daniel Boyarin 133 10. Julian "the Apostate," Against the Galileans - Elizabeth Geraldine Burr 143 11. A Thriving Native Cult in the Fifth Century and Its Demise under Coptic Monks - David Frankfurter 156 12. The Cologne Mani Codex - Ellen Bradshaw Aitken 161 13. Tales of Holy Fools - Derek Krueger 177 Locating Religion in Society: Community 14. Vision for the City: Nisibis in Ephrem's Hymns on Nicomedia - David Bundy 189 15. Acts of Thomas: Scene One - David G. Hunter 207 16. An Anonymous Letter to a Woman Named Susanna - Maureen A. Tilley 218 17. A Plea to a Local God for a Husband's Attentions - David Frankfurter 230 18. Bishop Avitus of Vienne to His Excellency Ansmundus - Maureen A. Tilley 232 19. Chrysostom's Catecheses: A Hermeneutic of Social Institutions - Arthur B. Shippee 235 20. John Chrysostom, Sermons on City Life - Blake Leyerle 247 Regulating Religious Expression: Law 21. Laws on Religion from the Theodosian and Justinianic Codes - Matthew C. Mirow and Kathleen A. Kelley 263 22. The Acts of the Council of Aquileia (381 C.E.) - Kenneth B. Steinhauser 275 23. Canons of the Council in Trullo (692 C.E.) - James C. Skedros 289 Creating Religious Ceremonial: Ritual 24. The Mithras Liturgy and Sepher Ha-Razim - Kimberly B. Stratton 303 25. Manichaean Ritual - Jason David BeDuhn 316 26. The Seal of the Merkavah - Michael D. Swartz 322 27. Anonymous Spanish Correspondence; or the Letter of the "She-ass" - Virginia Burrus and Tracy Keefer 330 28. Amuletic Invocations of Christ for Health and Fortune - David Frankfurter 340 Singing Divine Praises: Hymnody 29. The Hymns of Ambrose - Carl P. E. Springer 347 30. Hymns to Mary, the Mother of God, the Theotokos - Vasiliki Limberis 357 31. Manichaean Hymnody - Jason David BeDuhn 364 32. An Isis Aretalogy from Kyme in Asia Minor, First Century B.C.E. - Gail Corrington Streete 369 Sacrificing Self to God: Martyrology 33. The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity - Maureen A. Tilley 387 34. The Martyrs of Lyons - Frederick W. Weidmann 398 35. The Martyrdom of Habbib the Deacon - Robert Doran 413 36. 4 Maccabees - Clayton N. Jefford 424 Enlivening Thought: Philosophy and Theology 37. Gregory Nazianzen, Homily on the Nativity of Christ - Nonna Verna Harrison 443 38. Texts on Iconoclasm: John of Damascus and the Council of Hiereia - David Vila 454 39. Asterius of Amasea Ekphrasis on the Holy Martyr Euphernia - Elizabeth A. Castelli 464 40. Christian Oracle Shrines - David Frankfurter 469 41. Popular Religious Practices in Fifth-Century Egypt - David Frankfurter 473 42. The Zenith and Destruction of a Native Egyptian Oracle in 359 C.E. - David Frankfurter 476 43. Manichaean Theology - Jason David BeDuhn 481 44. lamblichus, de Mysteriis, Book 1, The de Mysteriis Peter T. Struck 489 Index 507


"The selection of texts is judicious and the translations are lively; those teaching late antique religions will find this anthology nearly indispensable."--Choice
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