Rethinking Working-Class History: Bengal 1890-1940

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August 2000



In this groundbreaking study synthesizing cultural studies and labor history, Dipesh Chakrabarty combines a history of the jute-mill workers of Calcutta with a fresh look at labor history in Marxist scholarship. Opposing a reductionist view of culture and consciousness, he examines the milieu of the jute-mill workers and the way it influenced their capacity for class solidarity and "revolutionary" action from 1890 to 1940.


List of Tables ix Preface xi Acknowledgments xvii Abbreviations xix 1. Intoduction 3 2. Jute: The nature of the Industry 14 3. Of Conditions and Culture 65 4. The Paradox of Organization 116 5. Protest and Authority 155 6. Class and Community 186 7. Conclusion: Rethinking Working-Class History 219 Glossary 231 Bibliography 233 Index 243


"[A] thought-provoking study in Marxist labor history, perhaps the most important monograph since E. P. Thompson's The Making of the English Working Class... This book represents a brilliant effort to connect traditions of post structuralist and Marxist thought in a fascinating tale of working-class protest and organization in colonial Calcutta."--The Journal of Asian Studies "Dipesh Chakrabarty has now made a signal and valuable contribution to the history of the Calcutta jute workers and their industry and has given important guidelines for more searching study of all groups in the working class of India."--American Historical Review "Refreshingly original... The author's clarity and consistency of purpose force one to reflect on the problematic nature of working-class history and the difficulties involved in its conceptualization and writing... Chakrabarty travels consistently and illuminatingly between the warp of theoretical proposition and woof of historical specificity."--Journal of the South Asia Studies Association
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