The NASCAR Way: The Business That Drives the Sport

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From the bestselling author of The Warren Buffett Way, a revealing inside look at the booming business– and investment opportunities– of NASCAR " Hagstrom’ s insights and observations bring a refreshing ‘ outside’ business perspective to our industry." – From the Foreword by William C. France, President, NASCAR " From its origins in Daytona in the ‘ 50s to today’ s live network broadcasts for millions of devoted fans, Robert Hagstrom offers an in-depth look at the fastest-growing sport in the country. The NASCAR Way explains how and why dozens of Fortune 500 companies have been lining up to jump on board." – Michael T. Hargrave, Senior Motorsports Manager, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. " It is great to be associated with NASCAR, the France family, and for me to get paid for what I love– to race! In The NASCAR Way, you see a prime-time sport." – Dale Earnhardt, 7-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion " An accurate and entertaining perspective to the unbridled capitalism that has built NASCAR into the #2 sport in America after football." – Bill Nielsen, Director, Promotion Development and Licensing, Kellogg USA, Inc. " Hagstrom understands how our business works both on and off the track. His perception of our sport will have you racing through the pages on the edge of your seat. The book is definitely a winner!" – Dale Jarrett, Winston Cup driver


Riding with Elmo. Rules of the Road. It Takes Money to Race. Prime Time. The Meanest Mile. True American Heroes. Forty-Two Teams on the Same Field at the Same Time. Thunder Road into the Next Century. Epilogue. Notes. Index.


ROBERT G. HAGSTROM is Director of Legg Mason Wood Walker Capital. Previously, he was general partner of Focus Capital Advisory, L.P., where he managed the Focus Trust Mutual Fund and separately managed accounts. Mr. Hagstrom is also the author of the New York Times bestseller The Warren Buffett Way, The Warren Buffett Portfolio, and the forthcoming The Essential Buffett, all from Wiley.
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