Major Problems in the History of American Sexuality

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The book--which is suitable for courses on the history of American sexuality, gender studies, or gay and lesbian studies, presents a carefully selected group of readings organized to allow students to evaluate primary sources, test the interpretations of distinguished historians, and draw their own conclusions.


1. Sexuality in History ESSAYS Jeffrey Weeks, The Social Construction of Sexuality Rictor Norton, Essentialism and Queer History John D. Wrathall, Reading the Silences Around Sexuality 2. Sexual Cultures and Encounters in the New World DOCUMENTS 1. Baron Lahontan Describes Love and Marriage among the Hurons, 1703 2. English Trader John Lawson Describes Native Sexuality in North Carolina, 1709 3. Father Joseph-Francois Lafitau Praises Native Male Friendships, 1733 4. Father Luis Jayme Attacks Sexual Abuse of Indigenous Women, 1772 ESSAYS Theda Perdue, Columbus Meets Pocahontas in the American South Antonia I. Castaneda, Sexual Violence in the Spanish Conquest of California Jennifer M. Spear, Interracial Unions in French Louisiana 3. Regulating Sexuality in the Anglo-American Colonies DOCUMENTS 1. Massachusetts Colony's Laws on Sexual Offenses, 1641-1660 2. Virginia Regulates Sex among Servants, Slaves, and Masters, 1642-1769 3. William Bradford Witnesses "Wickedness Breaking Forth" in Puritan Plymouth, 1642 4. Thomas or Thomasine? A Case of Transvestism in Virginia, 1629 ESSAYS Kathleen Brown, Changed...into the Fashion of Man,": The Politics of Sexual Difference in a Seventeenth-Century Anglo-American Settlement Richard Godbeer, Sodomy in Colonial New England 4. Gender Conflict and Sex Reform in the Early Nineteenth Century DOCUMENTS 1. A Trial for Rape in New York, 1793 2. Boston Female Moral Reformers Condemn "Licentious Men," 1838 3. Health Reformer William Alcott Discusses Nymphomania, 1855 4. Sylvester Graham Lectures Young Men on Self-Restraint, 1839 5. Navy Drummer Philip C. Van Buskirk's Private Journal, 1852-53 ESSAYS Christine Stansell, Male License and Working-Class Women's Sexuality Nancy F. Cott, Passionlessness: An Interpretation of Victorian Sexual Ideology, 1790-1850 5. Sexuality, Race, and Violence in Slavery and Freedom DOCUMENTS 1. Fugitive Slave Lewis Clarke Explains Why "A Slave Can't Be a Man", 1842 2. J.W. Lindsay Describes Sexual and Family Relations under Slavery, 1863 3. Dr. Esther Hill Hawks Recounts the Rape of "Susan Black", 1865 4. Harriet Jacobs Relates Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, 1861 5. Chaplain A.B. Randall Writes about the Freedpeople's Ideal of Marriage, 1865 6. William H. Stallings Testifies about Ku Klux Klan Lynchings, 1871 7. Ida B. Wells-Barnett Exposes the Myth of the Black Rapist, 1892 ESSAYS Brenda E. Stevenson, Slave Marriage and Family Relations Nell Irvin Painter, Soul Murder and Slavery 6. Love and Intimacy in Nineteenth-Century America DOCUMENTS 1. Julia Deane Freeman Praises "Woman-Friendship", 1861 2. Walt Whitman's Poetic Embrace of Comrades and Lovers, 1860 3. A Woman Writes Her Lover During the Civil War, 1865 4. A Smith College Student Discusses Her "Crush", 1881 5. Alice Mitchell as a "Case of Sexual Perversion", 1892 ESSAYS Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, The Female World of Love and Ritual Karen V. Hansen, An Erotic Friendship Between Two African-American Women Karen Lystra, Sexuality in Victorian Courtship and Marriage 7. Free Love, Free Speech, and Sex Censorship DOCUMENTS 1. National Police Gazette Advertisements for Sexual Literature and Devices, 1867, 1886, 1893 2. Dr. Ely Van de Warker Discusses the Sale of Abortifacient Drugs, 1873 3. Anthony Comstock Condemns Obscene Literature, 1883 4. Victoria C. Woodhull Denounces "The Scare-Crows of Sexual Slavery," 1873 5. Ezra Heywood Advocates Sexual Self-Government, 1878 ESSAYS Jesse F. Battan, "The Word Made Flesh": Language, Authority, and Sexual Desire in Late Nineteenth-Century America Shirley J. Burton, The Criminally Obscene Women of Chicago 8. Prostitution and Working-Class Sexuality in the Early Twentieth Century DOCUMENTS 1. A Government Agent Explains the White Slave Traffic, 1911 2. Wong Ah So Describes Her Experiences as a Prostitute in the Early 1920s 3. Cantonese Rhymes from San Francisco's Chinatown, 1911-1915 4. "Farfariello" Sings about Courting and Marriage in America, 1910 5. Reformers Condemn "Tough Dancing", 1910 6. An Immigrant Newspaper Defends Czech Dance Halls, 1917 7. Emma Goldman Analyzes "The Traffic in Women", 1911 ESSAYS Peggy Pascoe, The Marriages of Mission-Educated Chinese-American Women Kathy Peiss, Charity Girls and City Pleasures 9. The Politics of Reproduction DOCUMENTS 1. Walter J. Hoffman Describes Childbirth and Abortion among the Absaroka, (Crow) and Dakota Indians, 1888 2. Eugene Caves Reports a Death from Illegal Abortion in Rural Wisconsin, 1896 3. Margaret Sanger Argues "The Case for Birth Control", 1917 4. The Supreme Court Upholds Forced Sterilization, 1927 5. Women Write Margaret Sanger for Birth Control Advice, 1924, 1930, 1935, 1936 6. Women's Use of a Baltimore Birth Control Clinic, 1929 ESSAYS Linda Gordon, Birth Control and Social Revolution Molly Ladd-Taylor, Eugenics, Sterilization, and Social Welfare 10. Heterosexual Norms and Homosexual Identities in Popular Culture DOCUMENTS 1. A Filipino's Impressions of America in the 1920s 2. Young Women Discuss Petting, 1930 3. Henry James Forman Considers the Movies' Influence on Sexual Behavior, 1933 4. The Motion Picture Production Code Sets Sexual Standards, 1934 5. Black Entertainer Mabel Hampton Recalls Lesbian Life in the 1920s and 1930s 6. Dr. La Forest Potter Describes a Drag Ball, 1933 ESSAYS Jonathan Ned Katz, The Invention of Heterosexuality George Chauncey, Jr., Gay Men's Strategies of Everyday Resistance 11. Open Secrets in Cold War America DOCUMENTS 1. Alfred Kinsey Researches Americans' Sexual Behavior, 1948-1953 2. Women Write Life and Look about the Kinsey Report, 1953 3. Time Covers the Transformation of Transsexual Christine Jorgensen, 1952-1953 4. The U.S. Senate Investigates "Sex Perverts" in Government, 1950 5. Psychiatrist Fredric Wertham "Outs" Batman and Robin, 1953 6. Marge McDonald Enters the Lesbian Community of Columbus, Ohio, 1955 7. Del Martin Explains Why Lesbians Need the Daughters of Bilitis, 1956 ESSAYS David Harley Serlin, Christine Jorgensen and the Cold War Closet Jeffrey Escoffier, Popular Sociology, Reading, and Coming Out 12. Sexual Revolution(s) DOCUMENTS 1. Samuel Delaney Describes Communal Public Sex in New York in the Early 1960s 2. David Mura, Reflects on "The Internment of Desire" in the Mid-1960s 3. Rosa Linda Fregoso Recalls Her Sexual Education in "Homegirls, Cholas, and Pachucas in Cinema," 1995 4. The Supreme Court Rules on Interracial Marriage, 1967 5. A Memoir of "Jane," an Illegal Abortion Service from 1969 to 1973 6. Feminist Anselma Dell'Olio, Argues That "The Sexual Revolution Wasn't Our War," 1971 7. Carl Wittman Issues a Gay Manifesto, 1969-1970 ESSAYS David Allyn, Fomenting a Sexual Revolution Marc Stein, Sex Politics in the City of Sisterly and Brotherly Loves 13. Sexually Transmitted Diseases DOCUMENTS 1. Nurse Eunice Rivers Describes the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, 1953 2. President Bill Clinton Apologizes for the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, 1997 3. The Denver Principles to Empower People with AIDS, 1983 4. ACT-UP Activist Robert Garcia Faces AIDS, 1991 5. Policing Public Sex in a Gay Theater, 1995 6. Cleveland's Black Community Responds to AIDS, 1998 ESSAYS Allan M. Brandt, The Tuskegee Syphilis Study Ronald Bayer, AIDS and the Bathhouse Controversy 14. Sexual Identities, Family Matters, and Border Crossings in Contemporary America DOCUMENTS 1. Nan D. Hunter Defines the Family in the Sharon Kowalski Case, 1991 2. Andrew Sullivan Makes a Conservative Case for Gay Marriage, 1989 3. Sex Panic Opposes Gay Assimilation, 1997 4. The Risks of Mail Marriage, 1996 5. M. Evelina Galang Evokes "Deflowering the Sampaguita," 1997 ESSAYS Kath Weston, Gay Families as the "Families We Choose" Tomas Almaguer, Chicano Men, A Cartography of Homosexual Identity and Behavior
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