Voice Carried My Family

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August 2005



Love and the rearticulation of New Zealand mythology from a Polynesian perspective are the central themes of this new collection of Hawaii-based Maori poetry. The poems open up two cultural traditions--a Polynesian oral tradition and a written European tradition--with subjects that range from ancient myths to the complexity and moral ambiguity of the modern world. Poetry lovers will find pleasure in the poems' conceptual energy, constantly yielding surprises and unexpected and imaginative angles.


Robert Sullivan, of Nga Puhi and Irish descent, is the author of four earlier books of poetry, a graphic novel, and a prize-winning book of Maori legends for children. He won the PEN award for the best first book of poetry and he was the Literary Fellow at the University of Auckland in 1998. He has co-edited a contemporary Maori literature issue of the American journal Manoa, co-edits the online literary journal Trout and is co-editor of the prize-winning anthology of Polynesian poetry, Whetu Moana. He is currently teaching creative writing at the University of Hawaii.

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