Poem of the Roses: Linguistic Expressionism in the Poetry of Franco Fortini

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September 2004



Erminia Passannanti's analysis is lucid even as she compiles the daunting number of references that Fortini drew on in writing this tour de force. Her critique winds through the eighteen meandering octaves (in seven sections or "fragments") to signal allusions to literary, ideological, and mytho-religious sources. Particularly apt are the critic's elucidation of Fortini's use of an expressionist style, one which was not his own but which he employed in order to critique a particular historical-poetic mode of inertia and self-indulgence (broadly understood as experimentalist). Fortini's poem stands, as Passannanti notes, as an epochal reassertion of the "dignity" of the Italian poetic tradition. (Thomas E. Peterson, University of Georgia)


Erminia Passannanti (PhD, University College London) is the author of Il Corpo & il Potere: Salo o le 120 giornate di Sodoma, di Pier Paolo Pasolini (Troubador, 2004). Her publications include the anthologies Emily, Anne and Charlotte Bronte. Poesie (1989), Gli uomini sono una beffa degli angeli (1993) and RS Thomas. Liriche alla svolta del Millennio (2000). She has published four poetry collections: Macchina (2000), Mistici (2003), Exstasis (2003), La realta (2004). The title of her doctoral thesis is Essay Writing, Lyric Diction and Poetic Translation in the Work of Franco Fortini (Senate House, 2004, UCL, UK, and Archivio Franco Fortini, 2003, Siena, Italy).

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