Luke: Stories of Joy and Salvation

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Oktober 2002



This commentary is intended to serve as a guide to the Gospel. Most gospel passages are included, each followed by reflections on the text and a brief meditation. Together, these offer an engaging encounter with Lukes fascinating story of Jesus. Integrating recent biblical scholarship with spiritual and pastoral reflections, John Gillman shows that above all Lukes Gospel is a story of joy, peace, forgiveness, and salvation. Through Gods power, the impossible happens, the author marvels, bringing great joy to many, a joy that emanates from persons who have received Jesus gift of peace. Gillmans work will offer inspiration and guidance to those who desire to come to a deeper understanding of Luke and how this gospel impacts their lives. It will be particularly helpful to pastors and ministers, preachers and leaders of adult Bible studies, seminary students, and interested lay people who desire to grow in their faith.

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