Good Housekeeping Smart Carb Suppers: Delicious and Healthy Meals

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Low Carbs? No Carbs? Go SMART CARBS, with the food experts at Good Housekeeping. With 75 complete meal menus, packaged in the same attractive spiral, lay-flat hardcover format as Blend It!, here's a healthy and original approach to this hotter-then-hot diet plan.
The low-carb life just keeps getting more and more popular, but many dieters aren't sure how to make the switch. What will they be allowed to eat? Will they feel hungry? Will they be forced to consume a dinner that consists only of beef with a side of beef? Good Housekeeping offers help, with healthy suppers that don't sacrifice variety or flavor. Choose from meat, poultry, fish, and eggs, cheese and vegetable selections--all main dishes accompanied by appropriate carb-balanced sides. The number of carbs per recipe is 20 grams or lower, with a recommended meal's total never exceeding a 28-gram carb count.
But what truly makes "Smart Carb Suppers "unique, and sets it apart from any other book on the subject, is its organization. The recipes for each meal all appear on the same spread, a design that proved very successful for Pierre Franey's" 60 Minute Gourmet" cookbook. Fifty-five of these delicious meals feature two recipes per dinner, and 20 have three recipes.
Best of all, the experts from the world's best test kitchens provide welcome information on good carbs and bad carbs, what you need to know about diet plans, and other important nutrition and health information.

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