Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research

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November 2004



In an era in which talk abounds about scientific rigour and evidence-based research in education, this book presents a new and compelling examination of these concepts and carefully constructs a new understanding of rigour.. . .


Chapter 1--Introduction: The power of the bricolage: Expanding research methods
Joe L. Kincheloe Chapter 2--Redefining rigor and complexity in research
Joe L. Kincheloe Chapter 3--Questions of disciplinarity/interdisciplinarity in a changing world
Joe L. Kincheloe Chapter 4--Redefining and interpreting the object of study
Joe L. Kincheloe Chapter 5--Structures of bricolage and complexity
Kathleen S. Berry Chapter 6--Feedback looping for increasing complexity
Kathleen S. Berry Chapter 7--Bricolage is many a new thing understood
Kathleen S. Berry References


Joe L. Kincheloe is professor of education at the City University of New York Graduate Center and Brooklyn College where he has served as the Belle Zeller Chair of Public Policy and Administration. He is the author of numerous books and articles about pedagogy, education, and research. Kathleen S. Berry is Professor of Education at the University of New Brunswick in Frederickton, New Brunswick. She has published extensively in the field of critical studies, drama education, and social justice. She recently received the Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching.
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