Alcoholism, Myths and Realities

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Juni 2005



More than 100 widespread myths about drug and alcohol abuse are enumerated and then dispelled in this book about the reality of addiction. Questions such as "Does proper parenting and involvement prevent alcoholism? "and "Do" "alcoholic"s "lack willpower?" are addressed, and a myriad of addiction-related falsities that the general public and even medical professionals have considered true are identified and refuted. Specific attention is paid to defining and understanding alcohol addiction, including guidelines on identifying symptoms of alcoholism in social settings and detailed information on the biological difference between the disease in its early and late stages.


"Every policymaker in America needs to read your book exposing the myths of chemical addiction...Excellent book." --Congressman Jim Ramstad (MN), member, Ways and Means Committee and Health Subcommittee "Read it and be prepared to change your thinking on this important topic." --Michael Shermer, publisher, Skeptic magazine; columnist, Scientific American; author, Why People Believe Weird Things "Every person on the planet should read this book. ...offers hope that help and healing is possible." --Cynthianna Appel, Fearless Reviews
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Untertitel: Removing the Stigma of Society's Most Destructive Disease. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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